Exclusive lighting solutions


Robustness and design: The YACHTIMA One is a light that has been especially developed for maritime operating conditions.

The bar shaped LED-light source is mounted inside the shade and guarantees longevity as well as absolute homogeneity of the backlit material of the shade.

Either exclusivity or sophisticated restraint: On the base of the clear use of forms for our luminaires you determine the impact and the integration into your existing design. Inspire yourself by the numerous individualization options or contact us directly with your ideas.



The two available sizes:

  • Size of shade 30 cm
  • Size of shade 60 cm

as well as the individualization options give you the possibilities to situate a light, that is tailored exclusively to your imaginations.

Many different materials for the lampshade are at your disposal to customize your YACHTIMA One:

  • Mineral Polymer
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • ...



The YACHTIMA One can be ordered in two different set-up options:

In the installation variant the light is assigned to a permanent place. This offers the advantage that there is no visible supply cable and even during wind and storm the waterproof light fitting serves as a first point of orientation.

Whereas the auxiliary variant is not limited to a permanent place. The supply cable is laterally guided. Depending on the situation you can decide where to create atmospheric accents.