Exclusive lighting solutions

Setting highlights without causing glare. In any color or finish you have the possibility to draw the attention to objects in interior or exterior lighting scenarios.

Recessed installation in confined spaces like ceiling panels guarantee optimum lighting of your surrounding. An explosion proof even allows reliable lighting at hazardous environments.




By means of the combination of both luminosity and small appearance: our Footlights set new accents. The choice of material and finishing satisfy highest customer demands.

We show you the appropriate Footlight for lighting stairways, marking out steps or illuming swimming pools. Also a discreet lighting on the sun-deck and the illumination of gangplanks can be carried out according to your requirements.

Our Uplights enable an overwhelming highlight of overhead features from below.

For each scenario a purpose adapted reflector guarantees optimal light yield. Mounted in the floor, walk over and drive over versions, ensure safe and spectacular illumination.  

The Ropelights are deployed for an ambient lighting and offer many possibilities in terms of decorating and accentuating your environment.

They provide a uniformly distributed lighting that is very similar to natural light. The availability in different colors, lengths and materials give you the opportunity to customize your illumination. Producing a soft and appealing accent glow they can either be mounted behind objects to highlight them or they can be mounted on walls or ceilings.