Exclusive lighting solutions


Our technology dismisses the idea of simple, predefined, rectangular forms.

Free-form in every possible direction: Curved, jagged, bent. An installation with a maximum number of individually controlled LEDs behind any translucent material.

Minimum installation height, complete integration in a surrounding, regardless of the type (space, furniture, single element). Frame construction without any boundaries, atmospheric programming of the effects according to your mood.

All of this gives the LED-Matrix the unique possibility to effectively combine design and technology.

The organic LED-Matrix transforms static lighting applications into dynamic and vivid illumination solutions:

Round tables, curved bartops, free form applications on wall, ceiling or floor, backlighting of stone, glass or synthetic material describe only a few possibilities the LED-Matrix offers.

The color gradients are freely programmable and can be combined with other light applications.

Every video- or music source can be applied to control the LED-Matrix.
Via particular motion sensors you can interact with your LED-Matrix and you can conviently influence the color sequences according to your wishes.