Exclusive lighting solutions

Illuminated Glass

Design meets engineering: Convince yourself of the numerous opportunities to mould the personalized YACHTIMA Illuminated Glass.

The exceptional feasibility to illuminate real glass homogeneously. By means of a specially-calculated pattern, that is applied differently for each case on the pane, the light is distributed perfectly tailored to the environment. Either dots or lines - it is your decision.

In the subcategories versions, size, light source and fitting you can find more details to experience the horizon of the possibilities, that is offered by our technology.
Either homogeneously illuminated, partially stronger illuminated, or as logo - it is also your freedom to choose the appearance and the configuration of your product.

The Illuminated Glass is more than a light source. Different patterns and versions give you the chance to find your personal design.

  • toughened safety glass (room divider, shower wall, etc.)
  • laminated sheet glass (robust exterior glazing, walkable laminated glass, roof elements)
  • insulated glass structure (more panes with spacing to each other for privacy solutions by means of an intransparency feature at the push of a button, heat insulation, acoustic insulation)

Depending on the requirements, well known mountings, where glass is utilized, can be selected and customized to your installation circumstances.

The possible size of the elements is adjusted to numerous factors: intended type of installation, type of the applied structure or the desired color and intensity.

Each of these elements is tailored to your wishes. Certainly, all parameters of your project are documented for reorders, also many years afterwards. Illuminated Glass comprising several square meters can be realized.




Besides three performance categories in illumination intensity there are different possibilities for the selection of the LED-modules.

Either monochrome, multicolored, color change, DMX-controller and therefore freely programmable color gradients and sequences or control by music:

There are hardly any boundaries to the application of Illuminated Glass.

We can answer different installation circumstances.

Whether the Illuminated Glass is mounted freestanding, bilaterally mounted, completely integrated in the frame or in an external construction: We constantly try to extend the scope of what is possible.

The earlier we can inform our partners about the space required for the light elements, the easier the realization of your project will become.