Exclusive lighting solutions

Concept and Customer Orientation

We transform your visions into technical concepts. These concepts contain besides our first constructive proposal in the form of CAD-models and sectional drawings an inferface definition and a system overview for control issues. If necessary, calculations and simulations for illumination, energy requirement or thermal management are carried out.

During the whole process the customer will be assisted by an established consultative partner will help you to clarify unresolved points. Thanks to our experience and our modular system we can give you at short notice realistic price indications.

Once a concept is aligned you receive within only a few days a detailled project offer with an accurate description of the technical solutions, a cost schedule and an exact delivery date.
If you have any questions concerning technical possibilities, delivery dates or prices your competent contact person will be pleased to give you the informations you require.


Idea / Feasibility check:
At the earliest possible time, the development of the idea, we represent your personal and reliable partner. We are pushing the technological limits for you and create the best conditions you can imagine. These conditions guarantee the most efficient economical and technological implementation.

Co-ordinated requirements for your illumination scenario will be implemented according to your requirements within a very short time. Experts representing light, mechanics and electronics are involved to find the best solution for your situation.

Highest quality, puntuality, transparency – our claim in this project section.
Reliable suppliers, internal quality control, development that is secured by prototyping – thus we can also offer for your project the optimal solution.