Exclusive lighting solutions


  • Exclusive highly individualized lighting installations

  • Your choice, if you want to test the physical limits

  • Innovative products at the highest standards of quality

  • A team that is ready to realize your ideas

  • Since 2008 brand of RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES GmbH


Taking for granted the intention of the founder Stefan Ruetz, RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES have committed themselves in the last 30 years to deliver the optimal development work for its customers in the premium automotive segment.

A constant talent management and continuity, both in leadership and contact persons, enables the company, given the first customer BMW, to establish locations close to Daimler and AUDI. With more than 160 employees RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES is an independent development partner in the automotive and aviation industry.

Starting with the specialization in the area of development of technically sophisticated light components in automobiles and the passion for sensuality, the idea arose to transfer our expertise to customers of other application areas.

With YACHTIMA we represent the same values that have distinguished us for over a quarter of a century as an independent and reliable development partner in the highly competitive automotive industry.